9 Best Fathers Day Quotes 2017 | Nice & Short Fathers Day Quotes, Wishes, Poems

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Hello friends we all know that Fathers Day 2017 is coming soon and we all want to wish our Fathers on this famous day.
Do you want to give your father this charming and best fathers day quotes 2017 then you are at right place. Here i am providing the nice & best fathers day quotes, wishes, poems & greetings.
On this occasion you must have sent these wishes and poems to your lovely fathers.

Best Fathers Day Quotes 2017

best fathers day quotes

Role Of Father In Your Life: The role of fathers is to develop his chils and give him good education. The presence of father make sure to child that he has everything in his life. The father is one man who always try to give comfort to their child. On this famous fathers day 2017 we appreciate the things that father has given us.
The fathers role is just equal to mothers role. Both of the try their best to contribute their child.

  • A father is man who loves you very much in his life.

  • Fathers love can be seen in when you fall in ground he picks you up and ask you that beta (son) try again.

  • Father is key to go in Jannah.

  • God says that you must respect you fathers and mothers in order to get jannah.


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