20+ Funny Fathers Day Messages Quotes From Son, Daughter & Friends | Happy Fathers Day 2018

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Funny Fathers Day Messages: 

Hello everyone how are you, I Hope all are fine. Welcome to Funny Fathers Day Messages post. Here we are providing latest, Awesome, Cool and nice Funny Fathers Day Messages From Son, Daughter and Friends. You will be enjoy when you explore this post.

#20+ Funny Happy Fathers Day Messages, Quotes And Sayings 2017

  • Hello Dad thank you for working so hard for me and bring color T.V for me that raised me very much. Happy Fathers Day to you. 
  • I have loved a person very lovely who is most caring, lovable and generous who  is really he. He is my Father. Happy Fathers Day 2018.

  • Fathers Day is very important day in my life because on this day I really love to my dad.

  • When we are child we always think that our Father is a superman but when you grow up you realize that he is a simple guy who wears a Superman cap. LOL. Happy Fathers Day Funny Messages

  • My Dad has a profound influence on me he is lunatic.
  • Dad I have proud of so many talents that I inherited from you.
  •  You can ask to your father that what is best Happy Fathers Day year of you.
  • I gave $100 to my father and asked "Go and buy what you want to make your life easier so he went and buy a present for my Mother.

Funny Fathers Day Messages 2017 {Latest}

 The Greatest Gift I have ever get from God is Daddi. Happy Fathers Day.
Specially to my Father who taught me that how to pick up chicks in a garden or any other place.
Gun don't kill the people but Dad with pretty daughters kill the people.

When I was born many people said I am totally like you Dad😆 this means that you were bald for a long time.
I really can not think of a better person who knocked up Mother. Happy Fathers Day.
Dad I hope you proud of me because of not just sending same card as previous year.
Fathers Day: A most confusing day in Ghetto.
Sorry I can only afford the Gift which I gave you when I was seven.
Happy Fathers Day Funny Messages 

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  Happy Fathers Day Funny Messages {2017}

  •  I wish there is bad Dad's day so that I can salute you on this Fathers Day.
  • Happy Fathers Day to someone who knew that all boys that i were brought to home were Jerks.
  • You are so lucky to have gotten such a beautiful and all rounder child, I know I am your favorite 
  • Dad please accept this Fathers Day card as token of my poor. Happy Fathers Day Messages, Funny Fathers Day Messages, Funny Fathers Day SMS Collection.
Dad thanks for teaching me how to sit in washroom. 
Don't let the fact that Obama become the president of US this can make you unimportant on this Fathers Day 2017.
I love you so much I will talk to you on the Phone.
  • Happy Fathers Day to my future baby Dad.
  • Dad you are the only one whom I loved and annoy very much.

Funny Happy Fathers Day Messages Facebook Whatsapp {2017}

Funny Fathers Day Text Messages, SMS: 
  • Dad still want to know that I am not competing your love.

  • The time when you saw your friends achievements and goals then you think I can even not beat Candy Crush Level.

  • Happy Fathers Day to my Dad whom do nothing without my mother. Funny Fathers Day Messages

  • Some super heroes have not caps they are called Dad.

  • Do you want to know how I can call you best Dad, Its only because I am a such little great child. Happy Fathers Day 2017

  • The first life of our is first ruined by Dad and after it by children. Funny Fathers Day Messages..

  •  May the Fathers Day must reminder of using condoms.

  • I love how we do not need to say that I am your favorite child. Happy Fathers Day 2017.

  • Happy Fathers Day to you from most lovely child.

  • Happy Fathers Day to someone who always want their name shining.

  • Happy Fathers Day to grand fathers who look like afraid and their afraid is biological.

  • Dad you always be a good man for me.

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